Saturday, July 25, 2009

1 PHOTO 3 WORDS 365 DAYS...DAY 146



  1. where do you get all these marvellous photos? do you take them? nonetheless their very soothing to flick through. They certainly capture the essence of human emotion.

  2. Scott, I do take all of them and I try to get them all over the place. Just rode my motorcycle from SF 2 NY and got some good ones. You can see that trip on
    Thanks for you nice words and I like your movie choice list. Please pass the project on to others.And if want to see something funny and a joke go to and read all about barry's house. It is funny that someone from WA OZ found me as I am from St Kilda in Melb. Vic. Keep in contact and if your are in the USA look me up. see you on the blog at day 365
    Cheers PB

  3. Hey St Kilda are at the top of the ladder (AFL) - looking like they will take out the Premiership this year!! Love your idea - will follow. Cheers